Thursday, December 6, 2012

SKINFOOD Lime Secret Multi Pact "eva armisen for SKINFOOD limited edition"

SKINFOOD Lime Secret Multi Pact
" Eva Armisen for SKINFOOD limited edition"

SKINFOOD and Eva Armisen's Small Happiness
"eva armisen for SKINFOOD limited edition"
Eva Armisen is a Spanish artist who studied art in Barcelona.
Her works are exhibited worldwide, from Europe and America to Hong Kong, conveying messages of daily happiness, family love, and dreams.
This collaborative endeavor themed "Enjoy the moment" is to give a little happiness to our fans through her unique and adorable painting style.
SKINFOOD Lime Secret Multi Pact
A multifunctional compact powder that combines dreamy, ethereal colors with resplendent pearls
Size: 14g
Made in Korea

once i saw this, i cant help buying it.. the packaging is soooo adorable. i bought this around USD25 (IDR 250.000-240.000) i think in the US this cost around US$44... ohhh i wish i had the eye palette also (its called my short cake box)
the quality of the packaging is very good and it comes with a brush (i still havent try the brush yet), the powder and the brush is seperated with plastic lid which has the same picture as the cover.. oh well i dont need to explain more.. you can see the picture heheheheeh

the picture is too cute to resist
dont use flash to take this pic
cute heh >,<

this is how it looks like on my hand.. i just very very lightly dab the powderr and swatch it. i think this is a very nice product, and to think that this is the product that conveying the message of dream, family, love and happiness, i glad i bought this.
the swatch.. sori i forgot to take pic with flash...

this is the entire line products

let me know your comment about this line.. have you try it yet?

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  1. Fine product! Where did you buy it?

    1. i got this here they can ship worldwide too.. and u can also find it on

  2. Blongnya simple & user friendly, reviewnya juga bagus :) ga bingunging, aku follow ya blogya, folback my blog :)