Saturday, November 11, 2017

Review MISE EN SCENE Hello Bubble 11G Rose Gold

Let's make the intro short, shall we......

recently Mise En Scene Hello Bubble came out with 3 new colors
(the 3 colors on top)
left to right : 7P, 11G, 5BR

they already have 7P but the packaging is different, so i don't know if they reformulated the color or not.

what i have is :
Rose Edition in 11G (Rose Gold)

comes with all this stuff in the box
(+rubber glove and plastic cover to cover the shoulder)

I really love how Mise en Scene provide you with basically everything you need.



1. First Put the Solution into the bottle

2. Shake it gently in circular motion
3. Stand the bottle straight and pump until the foam is out
(don't forget to wear glove)
(sorry, got lazy to take the picture, because my hand temporary occupied with foam)

what i learned when using bubble hair color that it's important to massage the hair every few minute to create even application, especially hair root and hard to reach area, also adding the hair dye on the section you consider lacking.

Left : Indoor with screen flash..... Right : Sunlight
(taken the next day after coloring)
i have dark brown hair before (dyed it several months ago in dark brown using L'oreal Cream Excellent Hair Color), so my result would be the one at the bottom (i left my hair for around 30 minutes).
I guess the color turn out quite similar as the color on the box... <3<3

- Very easy to use even for beginner, no dripping and very easy to apply.
- Affordable (i bought mine IDR 98.000 or around USD$ 7.5)
- No heavy ammonia smell.
- the color turn out almost similar as the color on the box
- Less damaging my hair
(but compare to Liese i prefer Liese more)
- The amount of the hair dye was enough for my not so thick-medium length-hair and also my husband hair
(and i still have a little bit of product left on the bottle)

- The serum treatment was not enough for my hair, it just waaaay too little.
(i was hoping to get their famous hair oil serum too)
- it leave some kind of residue on my hair even after i washed it off with shampoo, i consider that it's just the treatment/ protection for the hair that's contain in the hair dye.
(it eventually gone after 2-3x washes)

will i use it again ? STILL CONSIDERING, but i would like to try the pink one though 7P

I hope this post is helpful in someway

have you tried mise en scene product before? please share your story at the comment box.

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  1. Duh warna nya cantik ya...
    Stlh rambut ketutupan foam nya, rambutnya kaku ga? Aku prnh pake etude house bubble hair dye, stlh di pakein busa n nunggu sekitar 45menit,rambut kaku banget kaya ijuk...
    Kl pake mise n scene kaku juga ga ya?

    1. waktu bilas kaku (kebanyakan sih gitu), setelah pakai treatment serum rambut jadi halus lagi kok.
      tapi sampai sekarang masih berasa kaku sedikit setiap keramas, saya sih setiap keramas dipakein masker rambut (dipakai seperti conditioner) + hair oil..