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"Give extra life to your brows with our easy-to-use brow pomade that glides onto skin and hair. Our smudge-proof, waterproof formula comes in five shades to coax brows into prime shape. Stand up to humidity in style!"
0.18 oz
my shade is : BRUNETTE

I read that this is the dupe for ANASTASIA dipbrow pomade (US$18).. well since i never use anastasia i cannot comment on that..
I got this for the price US$ 6.99 (+shipping and other fee to Indonesia would be around IDR 120.000), for the price i know for sure this is cheaper than Anastasia, I was a beginner for using this kind of brow product so this will be my review / first impression too... I was a bit scared at first, i was afraid that my brow would look weird or maybe too bold, cause i want my brow still looking natural.

Before and After
the product comes in a little plastic jar, Consistency is gel-cream-like but a bit chalky, and for the pigmentation umm.. it's just OK.. available in 5 shades.

i have sparse and very thin eyebrow and I applied this with masami shouko angled brush.
the product is a lil bit hard to work with, especially when I tried to add another layer, it's just kinda remove the color (especially when it already set) and my brow seems to hard to get even.
i spent longer time (which is something i don't have) just fixing my brow in the morning and i end up using my eyeshadow or my eyebrow pencil to fill in again.

as for the longevity, it last up to 9 hours without smudging (though i rarely or never touch my brow after i done with it)

my brow manage to look natural and not overly done (as long as i wasn't picking up too much product though), but the amount of time spending making it was too much, yet i guess that's me lack of practice.

this is me after 10 hours using NYX tame & frame, i don't do the instagram kinda brow, this is just my own preference on how i like my brow to look, even though it's not perfect well hell i'm still learning.
you can see the uneven part on each brow and around this time the brow actually faded jussstt a lil bit.. don't forget that i sweat a lot and i have combination skin  (that includes the brow area get a bit oily after few hours)
sorry for the weird expression
+ waterproof
+ long lasting
+ smudge-proof
+ Affordable
+ the color suits me well

- a bit CHALKY and Hard to blend (especially when it already set).. **you can see at my picture above**
- not available in indonesia (yet)

bottom line.. i like that it smudgeproof, waterproof and long lasting.. i don't have to worry about my brow disappeared when I'm sweating (i sweat a lot because it's summer, well it feels like summer everyday here in Jakarta, but now it seem to be hotter than usual.....), for the price i say it does the job pretty good.
For you who wants to try what's eyebrow gel like but don't wanna spend too much money on it, i guess this can be a good alternative.

i'm still mastering on how to apply this... pls tell me if you have any suggestion..

thanks for reading

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