Wednesday, September 23, 2015

REVIEW A'PIEU Air Fit Cushion Garfield Edition now DORAEMON

by the time i am posting this, the garfield edition will already discontinued, but don't worry because A'PIEU will continue their collaboration with "someone" else
CHECK BELOW for teaser

i'm not a cushion lover, more like never used any cushion product so this is the first time i try cushion

A'PIEU for this summer 2015 released special edition cushion in collaboration with GARFIELD
based on their best seller cushion product

never try the original one, so i have nothing to compare with, but i think aside from the case the product itself is the same.

for the shade SPECIAL EDITION have 1 more shade than the original.

this is the shade for the A'PIEU AIR FIT CUSHION SPECIAL EDITION
the one i have is shade 21
now move on to the product :


*contain 32% mineral water instead of water for clean and moisture skin*
*contain aloe vera and tea tree so it suitable for sensitive skin*
*patent ingredient of avocado peptide give healthy elastic skin*
*rolling system” with skin curves giving an even application*
*airy cover powder gives silky comfortable skin coverage*
i bought this because it's very affordable compare to the other cushion (even though it doesn't comes with refill) the other reason was.. it's cuteeeeeeeee

How to use:
After skincare, use the air puff provided to apply the BB cream onto the skin.

± KRW 5,800 / IDR 100.000 (without refill)

search cosdna


comes with mirror on the lid (i haven't rip off the plastic yet)

personally i don't think this or any cushion product making me save more time on doing my make up especially in the morning, because it takes time to blend the product or should i say tapping the product.

i have dry/mature/sensitive/acne prone skin and i work mostly in air conditioning environment so my skin need moisture enough so it can survive the day, I like this product because it gives me the moisture i need without being heavy, i guess it's suitable for normal-combination skin but it cling to my dry patches.

the puff is so soft and thick enough, i like using this because it keeps my hands from being dirty hence making the make up flawless and poreless.
update : it tore easily when i washed it. :(


coverage : light, reapply on area you need for more coverage,make sure to apply thin layer first and build it up where you need it, it will not cover any dark spot, just enough to even out skin tone and redness around my nose


the color more on the neutral side.. not too yellow or too pinkish.
my shade is no.21

it sets into dewy healthy finish, use primer and powder is recommended for oily skin, unless you like that dewy korean look.

it brighten and evens out my skin instantly with no darkening or oxidized (i used this from 7.00am-6pm), start melting off on the side of my nose after 5-6hours, less if you have oily skin.

and the most important thing is no break out.

the downside for me just one thing I really don't like the smell, a bit too strong for my taste.

i have lots of freckles around my cheek, it will not cover it but my pores and redness around my nose are covered well

been using this for a week now (every morning), i'm not really sure it contain 13gr because it run out pretty fast, i don't think it would last me a month, which will be expensive in my calculation.. :(

so sorry to say that the Garfield Edition was already discontinued, but instead of Garfield now they launch their newest collaboration :

 *Doraemon Air Fit Cushion Special Set (comes with refill)
*Doraemon Air Fit Cushion Blusher (DOREMI case)
*Doraemon full of color eyes (eyeshadow palette)
*Doraemon Jelly Marmalade (liptint)
*Doraemon Hand Cream
*Doraemon Sunblock
and their latest
*Doraemon Air Fit Bboyan Cushion (the white one)

can't resist the cuteness ? HURRY UP before they discontinued again.
( psst...i just order the cushion set )


  1. This garfield edition is so cute too! I just ordered my Doraemon cushion and im so excited to try it out. This cushion looks very nice and i have combination skin too, the only thing i dont like is that it clings onto my dry pstches :-( Thanks for the review!! ♡

    Mindy ♡

  2. Wah, packagingnya lucu
    Ada Garfield dan Dora Emon :D


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  4. I love the packaging! Too bad I missed out on Garfield. :(