Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I Found My HG Eyeliner / Eyeshadow Pencil

Hi ~~
i am excited to share this post with whoever is looking for affordable eyeliner for oily lid.

i use eyeliner everyday.. especially brown eyeliner pencil..
why pencil ?
because pencil create more softer look, while liquid/gel tend to create bolder look.
why brown ?
same as above.. brown create more natural look, while black much bolder look.

i use eyeliner on everyday basis, to work especially.
i have oily lids so most eyeliner pencil either smudge / transfer on my crease ,make my eyes look like panda or fades through out the day (or most likely all).

I've never heard (or read) about BBIA before so i assumed that this is a fairly new brand, but it turns out that this brand has been around for around 9 years.

BBIA or BBI@ is a brand from Korea, they have various range of make up products and skincare products, targeting on teenagers and mid-age women.
They focus on selling their products online only so it's available everywhere in the world.

BBIA or BBI@ means Blooming Beauty In Online Oce@n

that's all i can say about the brand because that's the only thing i can read on their website. the most popular product is their eyeliner.

BBIA Last Auto Gel Eyeliner rose edition

BBIA Last Auto Gel Eyeliner Choco Edition
they also have their BBIA Last Auto Gel Eyeliner (basic edition)


and what i have is in their Rose Edition - Rose Brown 
contain 0.5 gr product
Automatic type of eyeliner pencil
i like it, it's more efficient to travel with, i hate to sharpen wooden type of eyeliner pencil because i always broke the tip.
comes with the sharpener too. love...
the texture is so soft, very creamy and glides on very smoothly... i have eyeliner like this before but they transfer to my crease and instead of smokey look they give me panda look.

this eyeliner WILL NOT BUDGE when it set, i mean it.. it will not budge, i absolutely think you can go swimming with this eyeliner.
the picture above where i rubbed when wet, i actually rubbed it quite hard and it still didn't budged
 it sets pretty quickly, so if you want to use it as eye shadow, you have to work fast to blend it.
and i will buy more of the color definitely.

* Water-proof
* Transfer-proof
* Smudge-proof 
* AFFORDABLE (around IDR 50.000-65.000)
* Last all day
* Automatic Type (more efficient)
* I love all about the product..................

* Available online only - you can find it in koreadepart or testerkorea
* International shipping took about 2-5weeks to indonesia
* a bit hard to remove...

i highly recommend this product.....

repurchase ? ABSOLUTELY 100%

i hope you like this post, i will do better next time about the pictures hahahha i know it's awful.

well.. see you on my or your next post, don't forget to follow me.....

Keekee Tan


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    1. kl ga salah dibawah 50usd ga dikenakan biaya masuk oleh bea cukai... tp kalau untuk tahun ini ga tau yah berubah atau engga.. :D