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FACE CONTOUR at OYA Clinic Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK)

as i entered my mid 20, i've already begun using skincare targeted for anti-aging, wrinkle treatment, hydration / moisturizing and also firming / lifting, even though my skin still suffer from acne from almost all the time time to time, but now i mostly choose products that had more anti aging on it, especially now on my 30-ish.

i was given this voucher (read disclosure) to try Face Contouring at OYA Clinic, i was excited because i did a bit searching around the internet, the treatment looks promising as promising as you can see the result on the first treatment WOW....

a little background about OYA CLINIC

OYA Body Shaping Clinics is an exclusive anti-aging clinic, specializing in Face Lifts and Body Shaping. In ancient mythology, OYA is known as the goddess of wind and the spirit of change. She is the seeker of truth. Like OYA, we sought the truth about fat loss and body shaping treatments, and searched for a safe and effective way to do face lifts and anti-aging procedures without the use of surgery which is often painful and risk-filled. Here at Oya Clinics we have designed and developed a fast and truly effective treatment method for weight loss and skin tightening specifically designed for face lifts, using 100% natural ingredients in our award winning OYA cream. Our two signature treatments are OYA Face Contour Treatment and OYA Body Shaping Treatment; these two treatments use our scientifically proven cream which was created by Professor BakrRabie and patented only to OYA. This cream has won many awards and Professor BakrRabie’s research and development in natural fat reducing agents has also received world-wide recognition since 1996. 
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their signature treatment is FACE CONTOUR and BODY SHAPING

now what i'm going to try is  OYA SIGNATURE FACE CONTOUR 

i reserved my treatment at :


Pantai Indah Kapuk

Ruko The Metro

Jl.Mandala Permai VII. Unit JR


the place dominate with white color, and because the place is fairly new i can still smell the paint.
the receptionist was very friendly, after filling out some form, i went straight to treatment.

my room was on the second floor

first step was cleansing and toning

and before the treatment start, we have to put on this wristlet so our body energy in sync with the machine.

then they put this brown thick cream that reminds me of Sulwhasoo Peel Off Purifying Mask - thick sticky brownish cream that smells herbaly sweet and soothing, i like it.

they use this metal spatula kinda thing that helps the cream work effectively to burn the fat

** i forgot to take the picture of the tool, so photos credit to : here **
so basically they just ironing the metal tool onto the face mostly at the side of my face, cheek and around the eyebrow, i feel can felt and heard the electric on my face in this process.
and my face feels kinda hot afterward.
 the fat burning process will last for the next 7 days, this treatment is not recommended if you have active acne or pregnant.

last but not least, they give me this golden mask that suppose to calm and soothes the skin if the skin experience any irritation or redness after treatment, it's very cooling and the mask texture is like jellieeeee...
then they put some serum on my face.


you see the difference ?
my puffy bloated face became slimmer and firm, the most visible result is on the left side of my face and both my cheek... i wear glasses, when i smile my chubby cheek usually touch the frame a bit, but no touching after the treatment :D

price per treatment is IDR 899.000
but they always have discount promo, make sure to check their facebook page or instagram

Pantai Indah Kapuk
Ruko The Metro
Jl.Mandala Permai VII. Unit JR

Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No.54
Jakarta 10310, Indonesia

e-mail :
Facebook : oya clinics indonesia 
Instagram : @oyaclinicsindo
Twitter : @oyaclinicsindo

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  1. Whoaaa can't wait to try this treatment 😉 btw I have some active acne... I hope they can still do the treatment 😷 -sociolla group

    1. hii.. as long as it's not at the place that is going to be treated, so i guess that's fine..
      btw thanks for stopping by...