Thursday, September 22, 2016

REVIEW Cocoon Silkworm for Skin Exfoliating

based on curiosity, i bought this Cocoon Silkworm to exfoliate my dreadful, full of black also white head and not so acne free skin.
hoping that my skin could look like those korean actress or actor in korean drama, which is now still far far far away from it. (well a person can dream right?)

a little information about SILKWORM COCCON based on what i collect from other bloggers and also some browsing :
* Gently exfoliate dead skin cell, leaving it soft and clean.
* Contain natural Sericin.
so what is SERICIN ?
an excellent moisturizer and water preservative, contain Serine which is effective in controlling active oxygen that breaks down the protection of the skin's surface and also tyrosinase which cause skin to freckle. it's
gentle on the skin and because it's a natural product it's very much impossible that it will irritate sensitive skin.
it's basically a great skin moisturizer, protector and whitening benefits.
** i got more interested in this silk cocoon after i read about Sericin **
silkworm-silk-cocoon-skin-exfoliatei think mine is unbranded, i forgot where i bought it LOL. the size are just a little bit bigger than my thumb.

how i use it :
start off with a clean face.
the silkworm cocoon were pretty hard at first, to soften it i dip it in luke warm water for 3-5 minutes then i start rubbing it on my face gently, focusing mostly around my nose and keep rubbing... and rubbing... if it gets drier, i dip it in the water again, just to make it wet.. then keep rubbing... i don't know how long i rubbed it.. maybe 15-20 minutes.. just until i satisfied my self or get bored...
then i continue with my usual routine : toner -> serum -> moisturizer + oil -> done
The Result after use : my skin looked more brighter and felt softer also moist. the blackhead seems to be reduced. i know some blogger notice not many changes on their skin, but i like mine.
because it's a natural product i don't expect much from first usage, i'll just have to keep using it for a while.

the good thing is that you can re-use the cocoon up to 3 times (i just found out about this later after i threw away one of mine), just make sure to clean it with luke warm water (no soap), dry it and keep it in clean, dry place.

i bought mine around IDR 7.000/pc, so it's very affordable as you can re-use it up to 3 times. make sure to buy 100% silk.


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