Tuesday, December 20, 2011

BB Cream Review (Lioele,Etude,Skin79 VIP,Banila Co)

as promise i will be reviewing some of bb creams that i've tried include swatches
. i'm sure you all know what bb cream is.. so there's no need for me to explain more, next are 4 (make it 2 :p i will be doin' 2 more on my next post) my most recent bb cream
1. Skin 79 Vip Gold Collection
Skin 79 VIP GOLD Collection Super Plus Beblesh Balm SPF 25 PA ++ is a triple effect functional blemish balm. With special formula, it effectively whitens, brightens and keeps your skin elastic. It also improves appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Intercept both UVA and UVB to protect your skin from prolonged sun exposure.

This blemish balm gives excellent coverage. Its ultrafine makeup pigment with light reflecting properties works as a base to correct skin irregularities and uneven skin tone, while giving skin a natural nude look.

Gold and Cavier Extracts gives extensive care to make your skin supple, shine and glow with natural radiance.
  • coverage : light/sheer
  • texture : very easy to blend
  • suitable for : normal/dry skin
  • shade : only 1 shade available
  • i think this is too dark for me (nc 20), because i feel that this make my face look darker (maybe it oxidize too much???)
  • sad to say this made me break-out :(
  • price range IDR 140.000 for 40gr
2. Etude Precious Mineral All Day Strong #1
- Sheer Silky Satin 

this is an oil free bb cream that uses the breathing powder technology - no worries about clogged pores with illuminating pearls provides radiant and glowy skin, this bb cream have spf 30 / PA++ 
i bought this in no #1 - sheer silky skin.. i love tube pump packaging, it keeps your finger from touching the product over and over again...... TIPS : i usually pump in a jar (i use contact lens case, its very usefull to carry your moisturizer/ bb cream/ foundation for touch up, it has 2 sides so you can fill your bb cream in one side and other in one more, and walaaa \ (^.^) / u don't have to carry along your big tube bb cream, i saw this method use by bubzbeauty.com - really love her tutorial and review) 
okee move on.. i pump in a jar because, if i pump too much i can use the rest of bb cream for later.. and it wont be a waste

it comes in 4 shade each for different skin types.
#1 the lightest (sheer silky skin) : for oily skin
#2 Medium (sheer glowing skin) : for dry skin
#3 Darkest (sheer flawless skin) : for normal skin
Recently adding more shade
#4 (sheer shiny skin) : i think this suit dry skin and, and it have shimmers for glowy, dewy look, the shade similar to #1, but maybe little bit lighter with pinkish undertone

 << shade no #4

  • coverage : medium - high
  • texture : very easy to blend
  • shade : this have 4 shades with 4 different skin types each
  • it slightly scented.. maybe not suitable if you dont like scented cosmetics (but i think it smells nice though)
  • price around IDR 170.000  (very affordable for 60gr)

The Swatches :D :D

With Flash
Without Flash
1. Skin79 Vip Gold Collection
2. Etude Precious Mineral All Day Strong #1

i will be doing Lioele Triple The Solution and Banila Co, Let Me Bebe Naked on next post.
thank you for reading my blog, pls leave comment or advise about my blog, i really appreciate it...


  1. Hello, nice review :) I want to try Etude BB Cream #1 in the future :)

    I'm following you :)


  2. wow, you've so many bb cream *w*
    I'm going to try the Etude one, it looks good <3