Monday, April 2, 2012

update status ahh!!

wahh gilingan ud berapa bulan ga posting lagi disini... kemalasan melanda, padahal baru 1x posting hahahha, btw i'm currently expecting my 2nd child, surely hope it's a girl, but doctor said it's a boy.. suami ud yakin banget kalo pasti cewe, ampe bilang "liat aja nanti pas keluar juga cewe" #hahah maksa yah# well for me anyway is great.. as long he/she's healthy
soooo for now i quit using all my routine skincare and change it all into natural or at least got approval from my doctor..
for tummy i use burt's bee mama oil << LOVEE this (i think it make my previous scar less visible), moisten my skin and it last a long time for a small bottle (i'm in my 18weeks now).
for face i use ERHA21 just the day cream, because i cant find any product that suits my skin other than that and i use natural ingredient for mask (yogurt, honey etc) and snail cream for night routine.
for make up i still use my HG BB cream which is lioele triple solution, lipbalm (ERHA eternal lips), eyeshadow and eyeliner if necessary, just that!
1 hal yang berubah banget di kehamilan ini, now i'm craving for my own cooking, jadi sekarang masak molo di rumah, bikin cupcake, cookies, soto, bakmie, susu kacang, dll pokoknya semuanya harus dimasak sendiri. kalau cape baru deh keluar cari makan ato ada acara khusus :D browsing skrg all about food, finding recipe hahahhhaa........ sebelumnya mana pernah masak, 1 bulan 1x mungkin :p

next i will be reviewing SKIN79 Orange Vital BB Cream which i bought recently!!

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