Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Review The Face Shop Intense Cover CC Cushion

i got this on an event where i can swap my finished/used/unused cushion (other brand) and add IDR 69.000 to get this new cushion from Face Shop, so i trade my A'Pieu Garfield Cushion ( i already finished the product) with this, don't worry i still have the Doraemon edition from A'pieu.

Product Name
 Size :
Price :
Normal around USD 24 (IDR 329.000)
comes with refill (+15g)

  Available in 3 shades :
V103 - V201 - V203
An advanced new cushion that has the color control functions of  CC Cream and the moisturizing abilities of cushion foundation for long-lasting moisture without any tautness and radiance without any darkening. CC INTENSE COVER CUSHION is good for a customer who wants perfect, flawless skin without flakiness or clumping. This product is clinically proven for 25hour-lasting moisture & Coverage effects. It provides strong coverage effect which even hides blemishes and greatly adheres to the skin without heavy feeling or clumping.

Major ingredients:
  • Contains flower complex of 7 kinds of flower oil
  • Almond oil – improve skin texture
  • Calendula  & Rose oil – improve Skin regeneration
  • Borage Oil – Anti inflammation, skin protection
  • Rosemary Oil - Anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation
  • German Chamomile & Lavender oil - Anti-inflammation, soothing
Features & benefits:
  • Intense coverage on blemishes & flaws.
  • Greatly adheres to the skin without heavy feeling or clumping.
  • Flower essential formula that contains 7 different flower oil essences for bright skin expression.
  • Light weight texture
  source : faceshop my


similar like any other cushion product. nothing out of the ordinary.
the puff is quite stiff compare to my A'Pieu and Missha M Magic cushion, and it's not easily torn when i clean the puff.

i got the shade V103, read more about the product below.

little chit-chat :
when i bought this, i kinda forget to check the product first. well that's my mistake.. but when i got home, i notice that the seal, i still there but it didn't attached to the compact like it suppose to.. like stick to the compact.. do you know what i mean ?
the seal looked like it was placed there after opened, i wonder whether the cushion were like that or they gave me a sample / used product and they just placed a new puff there.

oh well....... move on...

it has semi matte-dewy finish, more toward dewy side and a bit sticky. it doesn't set or adhere well into my skin, i feel like it just sit on top on my skin, and when i rub my face with my finger it smudge, i think because it contain oil in the ingredient, as oil act as skin barrier to keep moisture while providing benefit and extra care for the skin.

first time i was using this, i was using facial oil+hadalabo lotion+Vitacreme Day Cream w/Sun Protection and my face became so oily and sticky after 2-3 hours, even though i already set it with powder. so that's a fail.

second time, i skipped my facial oil, just used toner then Vitacreme Day Cream with Sun Protection this time it manage to stay not oily for 4-5 hours, still set it with powder.

it claim to have long-lasting moisture, i have combination skin (oily t-zone and dry on the other areas), my cheek doesn't feel dry after 8 hours using this, so that means it's true.

the shade V103 is a bit too light on me (NC20) maybe it's because this categorized as cc cream so it suppose to be whiter than bb cream. there's one time that i sweat a lot, i notice that my face became patchy, i mean there're white patches everywhere.

it did a nice job covering the redness around my nose and evening out my skin tone, but for my acne spot and freckles it peeking through (around my chin and cheek), so the coverage is somewhere in the middle. it did cling to my dry patches a bit.
wears off around 3-4 hours and as long as i don't touch my face, i recommend using setting powder if you have oily type skin.

the reason i like The Face Shop Intense Cover CC Cushion are that it doesn't break me out even though i usually get pimples and acne easily everytime i wear make up that makes my face sticky and oily, but this don't, oh.. and i like the puff.

i think i might repurchase just because it doesn't break me out and when they have another offer such as trade my old / used cushion for FREE haha.. of course also try another shade.

more about their product here : The Face Shop and their facebook page : The Face Shop Indonesia

they have this offer for this month only if you want to try out their cushion (available until 30 June 2016)

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  1. Hi kee! Waw.. murah banget harganya jadi 69k. Kalau saja aku punya chusion, udah ikut tuker.
    Thx for review.

  2. Hi kee! Waw.. murah banget harganya jadi 69k. Kalau saja aku punya chusion, udah ikut tuker.
    Thx for review.

  3. Nah, ini ya yang dibilang bagus dari Face Shop? Pengen nuker tapi belum pernah punya chusion hehe