Friday, July 15, 2016

REVIEW SARANGE Natural Phyto Whitening Toner (Sponsored)

SARANGE is a brand from Korea, introduced in Indonesia around September 2014.

little detail about SARANGE

  • Sarange is an original cosmetic and skin care brand from Korea which formulated specially to enhance the beauty of your skin. 
  • Sarange brand expresses the beauty of love and affection within each personality. Sarange sincerely cares toward your beauty. 
  • Sarange products are made by laboratory checked and approved natural grown ingredients. 
  • Sarange also manufactured by a team of highly specialist expert and proven to be a successful cosmetics that we are proud of. 
  • Sarange will bring forth a new face in natural beauty. A beauty that only Sarange’s individual treasured. 

the most popular product from Sarange is actually their Triple Crown BB Cream (which is on sale now at Sociolla) , but what i'm going to be reviewing now is their skincare.

this product was given to me by one of the online shopping store in Indonesia *Sociolla* so this is a sponsored post, but i always give my honest review ( read : Disclosure )

Product Name :

Contain :
130 ml

Price :
IDR 269.900
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the package from SOCIOLLA comes in this beautiful pink box


Suitable for : 
All skin type 

Claim to : 
Balance your PH level, Remove your dead skin, Moisturize and brighthen your skin. Neutralize your skin PH level and remove all dead skin


comes in a pump glass bottle, very sturdy but not travel friendly.. it's big..


the texture is slightly thicker than water and has that floral scent to it, but not too strong, but can a bit overwhelming for someone who doesn't like fragrance.

After facial washing, get some on make-up cotton and apply on face along skin texture from inside to outside softly.
i use 3-4x pumps for my face and neck.

i'm a bit disappointed because i couldn't find the ingredient list anywhere (even on their official website), in case you know, pls comment below and i'll put the link on my post.

from what i learn when i use oil as my daily facial oil, lavender suppose to help relieving stress, reduce the sign of acne scaring, help acne healing. Aloe heals wound and soothes skin. Chamomile suppose help fade scar and spot also help curing acne.

my skin feels refreshed and smooth without any sticky feeling after using this and also feels moisturized (because it also contain Hyaluronic Acid, source : here), i didn't notice any brightening effect on my skin and my acne spot, i really wish i did, because i'm having break out cuz all the sugar, dairy product also lack on drinking water, yes they all can cause you acne in case you didn't know.

using this for more than two weeks now, i must say Sarange (btw it means "i love you" in korean), i have dry-dehydrated-combination-oily-acne-prone-sensitive-skin, it balance my skin nicely and i didn't get any new acne, means that it doesn't cause break out, it didn't irritate my sensitive skin and i feel that it help my acne heals faster too, didn't notice much for brightening though.

sometimes i soak a cotton pad with the toner+water, seperate the cotton pad into very thin pieces and place it on my face (just like sheet mask) leave it for 3-5 minutes, this help me to get that plump, glowing healthy skin. i'm sure you all know chizu saeki method right, this toner is perfect for that.

for me overall it really a nice toner even though it is a bit pricey.

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so that's all for now, i hope you find this review helpful.
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