Monday, August 8, 2016

THE SAEM Healing Tea Garden Cleansing Water Green Tea

Hey guys..!!! back again with another cleansing product review...

Product Name :

Size :
300 ml

Price :
IDR 75.000 (around USD $ 5.5)
THE-SAEM-Healing-Tea-Garden-Cleansing-Water-Green-TeaProduct Description :
* Contain organic green tea extract (100ppm)
* Provides skin moisture giving light point make up and impurities cleansing
* No addition of artificial color, artificial flavor, benzophenone, parabens, animal raw material, mineral oil and talc

How to use : 
* Wet cotton, wipe out from center to outward
* Press gently for 5-10 seconds on top of point make up and remove
* Depending on skin type, gently wash with water

The Packaging :
it comes in 300ml flip top bottle, the size is quite big so it's not very travel friendly, but put some in small bottle is always an option.

The Review :
it's like water, with no scent whatsoever... i absolutely love this. it didn't irritate my sensitive skin, doesn't dry out my skin, didn't break me out... and yet it's affordable.
it's does a very good job removing all the make up, but i always double cleans every day because i always use sunscreen and bb cream. it does taste a bit bitter, i tried to removed my lipstick one day and i accidentally lick my lips then. it didn't sting my eye when i tried to removed my eye make up.
this has been my current favourite cleansing water aside from BIODERMA ( review : here this is back when my blog name was still honey & lipstick :D )

 L-R : Lipstick/Lipstain, Eyeliner, Eyebrow pencil, Eyeliner Gel, Waterproof mascara, BB Cream
in the picture, i only use 1 cotton wipe to remove the make up, as you can see it clean up really nice.

the series come with 3 type of cleansing water :
- The Saem Healing Tea Garden - Tea Tree (For Trouble Skin)
- The Saem Healing Tea Garden - White Tea (Whitening)
they also have their lip & eye make up remover and cleansing wipes

Repurchase ? ABSOLUTELY

more about The Saem :
Facebook Indonesia

(disclaimer : this is not a sponsored post, i bought this with my own money. this review based on my personal experience only and the result on me may not the same as the result on someone else)

that it my post for now, i hope this is helpful at some point :D
 see you on my one byeee..



  1. wah produk The Saem ga akalh bagus sama Bioderma ya, padahal harganya jauh lebih murah :)nice review dear

  2. aaaaaih aku kemarin liat ini di althea.. mureeeeeh ya buuuuu harganya.. gemes pingin beli juga.. tapi kualitas nya mah so so so aja yah??

    1. iyah masih terjangkau ini, isiny juga banyak.. kualitasnya oke juga loch.. boleh dicoba..

      makasih yah ud mampir :)

  3. Sama loh. Aku walo ada remover yang ember-embel cleansing express gitu pasti selalu double cleansing :)) soalnya harian ya pakenya sunscreen ^^