Monday, November 11, 2013

SULWHASOO 1st skincare class in Jakarta

last saturday 9th november 2013 i was invited to Sulwhasoo 1st skincare class that was held by Sulwhasoo and Femaledaily ( one of the largest forum in Indonesia ) and 20 of its members were selected to attend this event, i was luckily to be one of them.

It was held in Grand Indonesia, Palalada restaurant

By the time i got there it was already 11.30.. i thought i was already late, but the event wasn't even started yet.. apparently they waited for all the members to arrived.. the atmosphere about the place was very elegant and luxurious ( just like the brand i guess ). I was greeted with welcoming snack and drink.

The event started with introduction of the brand SULWHASOO by the Brand Manager and then demonstration on how to use the products correctly. Too bad i was sitting way way back so i couldn't see clearly how the demo went.

After that we all got to try out all the products and used it ourself.

Unfortunately the line i waited to try the most wasn't available yet in Indonesia (herb clinic, snowise and harmonizen) i believed some have problems with Indonesian FDA.. some will be available next year.. can't wait!!!...

After trying i can tell you that currently my Sulwhasoo Favorites are :
- cleansing oil, i fell in love with this( it actually can removed my waterproof mascara ),
- First Care Serum ( who doesn't? ).
- Time Treasure Eye cream (smoothed my fine lines instantly).

For other products, i haven't wore it long enough to actually know the effect on my skin.
some of the products that were displayed in the event

After finishing all of my make up, that i cleaned before... it's lunch time.. the food was pretty delicious.. i especially loved the desert.
*During lunch time the board that held the Sulwhasoo sign suddenly collapsed.. we were all shocked >o< and luckily the demo was over so nobody got hurt*

Then photo shoot session...
ehem.. thats me on the left wearing black floral dress..
Sulwhasoo kindly gave each one of us goodie bag contain the essential line.... yay!! Thank you Sulwhasoo...
i took the pic after i got home

The event was fun and i got to meet other members of the forum too ( one of them turn out to be my relative hahaha )

Thanks for the event Sulwhasoo and Femaledaily !!

More about Sulwhasoo here
Sulwhasoo Indonesia here ( tweet them @SulwhasooID )
you can find their counter currently at Seibu, Grand Indonesia and Sogo, Plaza Senayan

Or join us to discuss more about Sulwhasoo femaledaily

I will be updating my skin after a week using the stuff Sulwhasoo gave me!!

What do you think about this brand???

Don't forget to leave a comment and follow!!


Update : my first week using the gift set here Before and after pic


  1. Holaaaa Dear,

    Blognya bagus banget dan liputannya lengkaaap (sampe ke acara board jatuh

    i really enjoy reading ur blog and keep posting yaaa..

    btw, dirimu canggih euy bisa dapetin foto group, aku ijin copas bolehkah?

    ps: salam kenal yaaa bumil, diriku yg duduk samping Nopai xoxo

  2. Alooww.. met knl jg yah.. kyny ak satu"ny bumil disono yah haha.. kalo acara board jato ga diceritain kyny ada yg kurangggg gt
    Boleh copas..
    Itu minta tolong juru photonya sekalian ambilin heheh

    Thanks ya...