Sunday, November 17, 2013

UPDATE 1st week-Sulwhasoo skin care routine


As promise i will review the trial set that i got from Sulwhasoo beauty class last saturday (9th nov, check here for the event)...
Now Its already been a week (so fasttt)..  and here is my review on the line and i will also show my before and after picture (not gonna be pretty)
So the skincare i was using (still using) was :
AM :
- First care serum
- Essential Balancing Water
- Essential Balancing Emulsion
- Rejuvenating eye cream (This is not included in the set)
- Paula's Choice Hydrafresh shine free mineral complex spf 30 (only if i planned to go out)

PM :
- First care serum
- Essential Balancing Water
- Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream

I planned to use Clarifying Mask that i already had, but since my skin broke out i was afraid that it would irritated it. So i waited until my acne is better.

Sooo brace yourself.. this is my before and after picture.

I was pretty satisfied with this side of my face hahha.... (Yeahhh i know.. i have a lots of skin problem hiks..)

Let me explain what happened :
- I had 3 ACNEs after i started using this (now healing) well not at the same time.. but it hurtssss.. before it just bumps (like fats that hide under your skin and you cant get it out, i have those all over my skin.. ughhhh) .... BUT WAIT i wasnt saying that this is a bad thing..i think actually a good thing because it means that it hmm detoxifying? my skin.. so it would eventually clear up my face from all the "bumps" and for the acne to be healed in a couple of days was actually amazing i think.. so i consider this as an improvement.
- my spots are faded a bit (in my first picture)
- less redness on my skin
- i saw that my skin somehow look clearer
Overall i like this and will keep continuing this routine... but i was thinking adding more of Sulwhasoo products since i have acne problems and else     ( ToT )

I ordered few samples of Herbclinic Restorative Ampoule and Harmonizen Regenerating Cream. Will add them into my routine after they came.

But i'm still afraid of using herbclinic because i read from other bloggers that it will cause purging for some time.

If you want to read or see my update for 1 month pls comment below
Or if you wanna comment about anything else i will appreciate that too.. hehehe


Ps :
Every person have a different skin type and different reactions, so even using same skin care or products doesnt mean they will have the same results.



  1. hello,are you still using the sulwhasoo product? after 1 week how was your skin texture?is it bumpy or rough?cause my skin react after 3 time i use it. can u please update how was your skin now with more details?

    1. Yess.. im still using the products from sulwhasoo but im changing my routine to herbclinic (day) and harmonizen (night) for the next week.. then continue with just fcs and harmonizen day/night.. still purging because i have so many bumps hiding under my skin.. but my skin texture is better and the redness reduced.. the acne heal faster than usually.. it usually took a month to notice the difference... especially if u're using herbclinic.. consider it as detox process..
      I'll post new update soon... thanks