Sunday, December 15, 2013


Are you an eyeliner rookie ? Then you have to try this...

MIZZU EYELINER PEN - Made in Indonesia
Currently available in 2 shade black and brown

Produced and distributed by :
Jl. Pluit raya, Jakarta

What they said on the packaging :

Mizzu present the latest trend in eyeliner pen. It is easy to use and glides smoothly to color. Form super sharp and thin lines. No mess and no smudge. Easy to carry around.

Takes 30 seconds to dry for maximum waterproof effect.

Ingredients :

comes in a sleek plastic packaging... loved the design.

The pen itself has it own seal ♥ so you know it's really new

The pen tip is not too hard nor too soft.. just prefect... but for me i wish it was a bit smaller,  i think for beginners this is perfect eyeliner pen.

Left (black) Right (brown).. the difference was not too noticeable after i applied it on skin.

Above : rub it a few times after 30secs (still good.. yay!!)
Below : sprinkle some water (the color wears off... :( )

This is what happened when i rub it after sprinkle some water on the eyeliner.

Pros :
- very affordable, i got mine around IDR 20.000 each on online store
- smudge proof as long as you stay away from water
- on me it last quite a while (w/ primer) up to 6 hours
- easy to apply
- efficient and easy to carry
- perfect for beginners
- very easy to clean

Cons :
- not waterproof
- i only find it on online store only
- i don't think this is suitable for oily lid (i recommend using primer before)
- the brown color seem to have better staying power than the black one

I believe MIZZU come up with mascara too.

Have you tried this?

What do you think ?

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