Tuesday, December 31, 2013



Yay last post in 2013.. time went so fast.. thinking about this past year failure and success, good times and bad times, mistakes i've made... i wish in 2014 and the next year.. i could be a better person, a better mom and a better wife...

Cant wait for 2014.. because my baby girl will be born into this world wohooooo (i still havent find the right name for her ×_×)

So here is
my last review in 2013 .....

I just bought this recently and i know sleek blush had been around for a long time, i never had any interest to buy more blush (for me 3 blush is enough.. natural/rosie, orange and pink) but previous black friday tempted me too much >.<
After choosing for a while.. i decided to go for this shade


Comes in sleek black packaging with mirror inside.. i was expecting a bigger pan.. but this is actually very cute.. love the packaging♥
I don't think it's as VERY pigmented as some say (the swatch on my hand took 3 swipes) or maybe it was still brand new.

This is what it looks like on my face

I dont know why it turned out to be kind of peachy on my skin.. but it looks very subtle and didn't quite as scary as it looks on the pan.
Me likey♥♥♥♥♥

The blush is available in 9 shades (in luxola.com) but sometimes sleek came up with limited edition color.. and im sure i will be waiting for it...

And now this has become my go to blush.. i wear this every time i go out...

the price is around IDR 100.000 in www.luxola.com but luxola often offer discount.

so what shade you like the most?

That's it for my last review of the year..

WISHING YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 best of luck in our future to come....

C ya on my next post in 2014.....

Love  XOXO

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