Thursday, December 19, 2013


Hiii.. for you who's following my skin journey with Sulwhasoo... here's my update after more than 1 month.

For those who wants to check out my 1 week here

I'm using different lightning (actually application on my phone) to take this update 1 month pic.. and its actually brighter so you can see much better hows my skin actually is ( pls beware hehehehe)

This is just a quick update and im changing the routine, check info below (mostly still Sulwhasoo)

Here is 1 week picture
(My blog name still chikybelle hehehe)

Here is the 1 month pic

Both of the pic taken after i washed my face and put on my skincare, thats why my skin look glowy.

3 days after i posted out my 1 week update.. i change my routine to:
Day : FCS + Herbclinic + eyecream + sunblock
Night : FCS + Harmonizen + eyecream (every 2-3 days i exfoliate and rinse with green tea water)

And yessss ladies....!! my skin purged for 2 weeks.. then i stopped using Herbclinic.. continued with just FCS + Harmonizen day and night.

The new spots on my face are because the purging proses... now i still have bumps under my skin and i will not continue using Herbclinic temporaly.. my sister's wedding coming soon and i'd rather have spots that i can hide with concealer than red acne bump :D
My skin texture improve a lott (i know the pic dont show it).... i have to keep reminding my self not to touch my face too much lol
My skin look brighter and plump
I don't see much changes on my freckles/ sun spots but, i don't expect too much from 1 month usage.. they dont worry me much since i have them for years and years that i got sicked by them then eventually used to them hahahahaah

So for now my skincare routine are :
★ DAY and NIGHT ★
washed my face
First Care Serum (FCS)
Eyecream : History of Whoo Hwa Hyun review here
Harmonizen Regenerating Cream
And every 2-3 days i exfoliate and rinse my face with green tea water.

After doing this routine for a while (almost 2w) i noticed my skin is having to much moisturizer sometimes it felt sticky in the afternoon.. i think i'm gonna change my day time routine with something lighter.. but for now i'm pretty happy with the result.. And will still continue....

PS : every person have different skin type / condition / reaction, so i cannot guarantee that you'll have the same results as mine.. this review is based just on my personal experience only.

Sooo thats it for my update skin condition..

C yaa on my next post..


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