Friday, February 7, 2014


REVIEW Maybelline Hypersharp Liner - 01 so black

Bought it at local Guardian store for around IDR 60.000ish but i got a good deal which is 2 pcs if i add more IDR 1000 woohoo!! 1 for my sister and 1 for myself.. So i only paid around IDR 30.000   
I usually use my Dollywink liquid liner but i don't love it enough to say that it was my holy grail pen liner. I prefer k-palette.
And because past few weeks Indonesia had "water problem"... (I hope everyone is fine).. I was one of the people that had to moved from their home because of the flood.. Luckily i still have my relatives to rely on... So packing for makeup items was a privilege for me... Eyeliner is one of the items i forgot... Hahahaha (i forgot many things since it was in a rush and dark too because the light was out) 
Enough about the flood.. now i don't have eyeliner and i won't be back in my home any time soon.. I need to find one.. Maybelline just happened to be there for me hahaha...   

Simple packaging just like any other eyeliner (black with golden cap)
 I like the tip which is very small so you can draw very thin line (0,01mm)
It's not the blackest black
it need a few second to set, after that I curled my lashes.. no fading.
*not like my Dollywink.. Even i gave 30sec to set.. When i curl my lashes it still fade  (T.T)* 
Some don't find that problem with Dollywink.. Maybe its just me :p   
I don't put primer and I have oily lids... This fades at the inner corner after few hours, next time I'll try to put primer first (aaaa i forgot my primer too)

I rate this 7 / 10
will repurchase if they have deal like that again.
did Maybelline came out with different shade?? I think only black...

that's all for now... trying my best to keep writing :)

have you tried this eyeliner?

pls leave comments/advices or anything you want bellow... don't forget to follow ^_^


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